If you bought a smartphone Xiaomi RedMi2 (second edition with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of ROM) from a Chinese retailer, perhaps on Aliexpress like myself, here some useful information that will help you a lot.

The phone that I received was the model HM2014813 (HM 2LTE-CU) which differs from the model HM2014811.

  • HM2014813 (Chinese)
  • HM2014811 (International)

The model is under the battery.

This phone had a preinstalled ROM MIUI modded, namely MIUI version (KHJCNBK) Stable, obviously not original and not upgradeable.
Shortly after that I was using an internet connection, they kept out pop-up ads by google.
when I opened any app, it opened a full-screen advertising or just below, but to keep you from using the keyboard.
I began to doubt strongly this ROM.
After some research on the forum I had confirmation from experts that these ROMs are full of bloatware and are definitely not recommended.
I decided to install app Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and I discovered that there were in two .apk file two Trojans.

  • /system/app/twitter _qd_3025.apk
  • /system/app/miuivideo.apk

I remove these files, but the problem of pop-up remains.
I decided at this point to install a new ROM and I decide to flash the Multilingual latest update.

At this point, I find the documentation on the forum http://en.miui.com which lose me a lot of time and run into various errors.


  • I downloaded from the Google Play app “Flashify” in order to install the recovery
  • I downloaded Philz Touch Recovery
  • I tried to install this ROM

The installation ended with this error:
This package is for HM2014813 device; this is a HM2014811

I began to have doubts about which model I really, but fortunately the model was really the one shown on the battery.


In the end I managed to install all by following these steps: