Se nel boot log vedi una cosa del genere:

fsck from util-linux-ng 2.17.2

/dev/sda2: clean, 162667/1892352 files, 882502/7568128 blocks

fsck from util-linux-ng 2.17.2

/dev/sda3: clean, 5334/26396928 files, 2601313/105381888 blocks

  • Starting AppArmor profiles [160G Skipping profile in /etc/apparmor.d/disable: usr.bin.firefox

– ubuntu software centre

– install apparmor profile

– sudo /etc/init.d/apparmor start (this way i start apparmor)

– sudo aa-enforce /etc/apparmor.d/* (with this single command you put every profile in enforce mode)

(this will put every thing from profile from default mode to enforce mode…………….. enforce mode is a mode where things work inside jail so any thing like virus/trojan other security issues……….. wont effect your system even your firefox…..etc compromise…. where the default profiles are set to permissive mode it wont block but give you a log)

– sudo /etc/init.d/apparmor restart

– sudo aa-status will show status of your profiles